Rapatseni: Gemilang Wayang dan Bicara

Rapatseni is the Malay programme under The Arts House’s Poetry with Music series, which celebrates Malay poetry and the beauty of the Malay language, music, culture and traditions.

Titled Gemilang Wayang Dan Bicara, the fourth edition focuses on the splendour of wayang, which is a theatrical performance utilising puppets or human dancers and bicara, a discussion or a theme that is existent in poetry or any literary content. It will be carried out in a semi-musical style with the art of wayang kulit being showcased to discuss and put into play poems that are related to modernization and the modern world.

Gemilang Wayang Dan Bicara features works written by Isa Kamari, Khairul Haque and Shaheda Salim accompanied by traditional Malay music and art form. It is directed by Norisham Osman and performed by Mirah and Farhana alongside Seri Setia Pulau Singa and Kirana Seni.

The story revolves around two ladies who are well in-tuned with the modern world and the age of digitalization. The hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world create a mundane and monotonous ritual of work, social media, food and networking on repeat. This monotonous ritual is broken by an ancient melody that haunts both of them. This melody consistently rings in their mind and bring their thoughts to another realm. A realm of poetry and much laughter.

Join us and experience the beauty and richness of Malay poetry in captivating recitations accompanied by traditional music and dance performances.


The video will premiere on 4 December, 8.30 pm and will be available for viewing until 31 December 2020.

The session will be conducted online and details will be released closer to the event date via email.


Curious what's in store? View our 2018 highlight reel below!
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Fri Dec 4, 2020
8:30 PM - 9:15 PM SGT
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